Como coproduzir com a França

Como coproduzir com a França


You are currently working on an exciting project and there is something French in the script: a key location, a city, a region, a character (fictional or real). Perhaps you know that your director or one of your stars has a large following in France and you wish to benefit from this notoriety. In any case, you are thinking of setting up a coproduction with a French partner in order to finance the film.

That makes sense: in 2007 and 2008 more than 40 foreign movies were coproduced by French companies, which means French money was used to help cover their costs. No other film community in the world can claim to be involved in so many foreign movies. So there may also be possibilities for your project.

The purpose of this guide is to let you know whether your project will qualify as a French production in case it is coproduced by a French producer. If it does qualify, your project will benefit from the grants or incentives available, soficas investments, regional support, etc.

We will explain the State support system and what type of financing may be gathered in France for your project. We will try to help you understand the point of view of your prospective French coproducers who will be, in the end, the best people to judge your case.

However, some projects, because of their financial and artistic content, may not fit the coproduction requirements, even though they need to be shot in France. That’s not to say that you’ll be left with no solution. Since 2009, France has a Tax Rebate for International Productions (T.R.I.P.) that reimburses 20 % of eligible costs of foreign movies and TV productions shot in France, providing they comply to a set of requirements. This is not only a new law, it is also a brand new chapter (4) of this guide, page 37!

In this guide, you will also find all the titles of the foreign movies coproduced by Gallic companies and approved by the French National Center for Cinema (in French: CNC), and thus eligible to receive support from several of the mechanisms created to help the French movie industry. For each of these titles, you will find the name of the production company, as well as the different types of financing they received in France.

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