Impacto econômico da indústria

Impacto econômico da indústria


This report sets out the findings of the Economic Impact of the UK Screen Industries study, undertaken by Cambridge Econometrics and Optima for a consortium led by the UK Film Council. The study assessed the size and analysed the economic impact of the screen industries in the UK, disaggregated by nation and region, focussing on the economic multipliers of the various screen industries.

Chapter 2 is a review of previous studies which aimed to provide helpful information for this study. It includes studies of the screen industries, of the more wider defined creative industries and of other economic sectors in the UK, the UK regions and abroad.

Chapter 3 discusses the results of the survey of the four UK industries, film, TV, corporate video and commercials/advertising undertaken between March and November 2004. These are the amalgamated results of two surveys: the survey results using a full questionnaire were supplemented by the results of a second survey using a shorter version of the questionnaire.

The survey of companies and freelancers active in the UK screen industries was designed and carried out by Optima – a joint venture between David Graham and Associates Limited and Oliver & Ohlbaum Associates Limited. Optima used the survey results, official data from ONS and other sources to prepare the industry data that was the basis for the multiplier modelling and analysis.

The methodology used in the surveys and a description of the process of undertaking the surveys are detailed in Appendices B and C. The methodology used for the interactive media industry survey is described in Chapter 5. The questionnaires used in all three surveys may be found in Appendix F.

Chapter 4 discusses the results of analysis undertaken using the screen industry input-output model developed by Cambridge Econometrics for this work and reports on the summary economic multipliers of the screen industries and their inter-regional dynamics. The methodology used for the multiplier analysis undertaken for this project is described in Appendix A, while Appendix D discusses the accuracy of the model results.

Chapter 5 discusses the interactive media industry, presenting a literature review of the sector and the results of a survey of firms in two UK regions, the North East and the South East. The chapter also includes a short discussion of the value of the multiplier of the interactive media industry. The questionnaire used for the survey of the interactive sector is included in Appendix F.

Chapter 6 draws conclusions from the study. In the rest of the introduction the definitions of the screen industries and their full value-chain are presented. For each screen industry, the value-chain includes four aggregate sectors: pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. The full survey aimed at informing the full value-chain of the screen industries.

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